Maybe your student is struggling to master concepts in high-school level math or science. Or perhaps your student excels at math and is looking for a challenge greater than what the school curriculum can provide. Either way, I'm here to help.

I am a math and science tutor with over 130 hours of experience, offering services near east-central St. Louis County (through the end of June 2018) and Ithaca, New York (starting August 25, 2018) as well as to students online anywhere in the world. I hold a BA in mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis and as of August 2018 am a PhD student in mathematics at Cornell University.

My focus is mathematics (high-school level and above), though I also offer tutoring in computer science, physics, and chemistry. I have experience working with over a dozen students, on topics ranging from basic algebra to Calculus III, competition prep, and college-level algorithms. If you are a parent, please see the about page for more information on my background and experience, or click on services to find details about how I can help support and supplement your child's math and science education. I also offer tutoring for college students in a wide range of math courses. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Whether or not you end up using my services, I wish you and your child the best in the coming school year!