Philip Bonneville

My name is Philip Bonneville, and I offer private tutoring in mathematics, my specialty, at and above the high school level, as well as in computer science, physics, and chemistry.

I studied math at Washington University in St. Louis (2013-2017) and, upon graduation, decided to stay in the St. Louis area for a extra year, spending time tutoring students in (primarily) mathematics as well as working on a couple different research projects in consultation with Wash U faculty. It was a wonderful experience getting to help inspire students with the beauty of mathematics and assist them with developing the perseverence required to tackle challenging problems. Although I will be moving to Ithaca, NY in August 2018, I am eager to continue tutoring a handful of students, whether online or in the Ithaca area. Please see the tutoring page for detailed information on the types of courses for which I am available as a tutor.

Academic Background   At Washington University, I challenged myself with coursework far exceeding the normal requirements for a math major, taking, for instance, a total of nine graduate mathematics courses as well as a number of undergraduate and graduate courses in other fields like computer science and economics. I ended up accumulating a number of awards and recognitions, especially from the mathematics department--but, much more importantly, I managed to learn a great deal about all of these incredibly important fields, and, what is more, I learned the right way to think about them. Today, my knowledge of advanced math allows me to think like a mathematician and thus to impart a substantially more motivated and far more robust perspective on the subject to students. At the same time, my knowledge of fields like computer science, physics, chemistry, and economics gives me an understanding of which mathematical concepts are most essential for applications.

Related Experience   I also have experience serving in a variety of instructional roles. In high school I worked on occasion as a mathematics tutor and also led a science club, in which I explained topics and conducted some basic experiments in chemistry and physics for a group of middle-schoolers, for the length of four years. During my enrollment in college, I graded for one math course, graded and served as a teaching assistant for another (holding a well-attended weekly office hour for students), and held during Spring 2017 (my last semester) a position as graduate resource in calculus for the Deneb STARS program at Wash U. At Cornell, I will be playing a substantial role in training undergraduates: leading recitation sessions, grading their work, and eventually teaching a section of calculus. I am excited at the prospect of the Cornell TA work and of my independent tutoring together providing me opportunities to grow and develop increasingly sharp insight into the best ways of teaching and inspiring students, as I help introduce them to the amazing world of higher mathematics!

Whether your student is struggling to make it through Algebra II or yearning for more challenge than his or her school can provide, I would be delighted to play a role in making your child's education as successful as possible.