Advanced Students

Fulfilling the intellectual requirements of a gifted or advanced student can be quite challenging. Even if your school offers a great deal of flexibility in course options or you are able to enroll your student in a community college or local university, it may still be difficult to find an environment geared toward someone with your student's intellectual capacity.

Hopefully your student will find that kind of instruction and peer camaraderie at a top-tier university, but in the meantime, I can help provide targeted instruction that nurtures your child's intellectual curiosity and provides the mathematical or scientific foundation that will enable him or her to further excel. As a gifted individual myself, I find few activities as rewarding as working with a student who is very advanced or who is eager to be intellectually challenged. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me; I would be happy to answer any of your questions, whether about my services or about math, science, or gifted education in general.

I am happy to offer any combination of assistance with coursework, competition training, and instruction in advanced topics in mathematics. In my own experience, competitions were an excellent way for me to gain exposure to problems that truly challenged me, and the study of advanced topics in mathematics--areas that often are introduced only after calculus--provided an early understanding that mathematics was indeed a subject I wanted to pursue in college. In the same vein, I highly recommend that gifted students with an interest in mathematics get exposure to proof-writing in the context of discrete math, rather than just through a geometry course, as the former better captures the kind of proof techniques that mathematicians usually deal with and also provides better practice in developing general abstract reasoning skills.

Even if private tutoring or instruction is not an option for you, there are still ways to keep your student challenged. Here are some resources for advanced students that I have personally found helpful:

- American Mathematics Competitions
the main series of math competitions in the US for high school, leading up to the USA Mathematical Olympiad, which tests mathematical problem-solving ability, and also includes the AMC 8 for somewhat younger students

- Art of Problem Solving
company providing books on mathematical problem solving and on specific subdisciplines in mathematics at an advanced level for junior high and high school students, as well as online classes and discussion forums

- Project Euler
a website providing a series of computational challenges, many with a mathematical flair to them (and mostly quite difficult, though there are some easier ones)

- Chemistry Olympiad
a series of chemistry competitions a little above the level of typical AP Chemistry material, but still accessible to anyone taking AP Chemistry

- MIT OpenCourseWare
website providing free access to course materials, especially video lectures, from MIT

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