College Tutoring

I offer tutoring in a wide variety of university and community college mathematics courses, including pretty much everything in pure mathematics, from college algebra through advanced courses like analysis, topology, and higher-level algebra. For my math major at Washington University, I took a large number of classes, including nine graduate courses, and I also have a large amount of experience working with students as well as serving as a grader and TA for classes. (If you are looking for high school tutoring, please click here.)

For instance, I am prepared to tutor for the following courses at Washington University in St. Louis (and possibly others):

Math 100: Foundations for Calculus
Math 131: Calculus I
Math 132: Calculus II
Math 203: Honors Mathematics I
Math 204: Honors Mathematics II
Math 233: Calculus III
Math 309: Matrix Algebra
Math 310: Foundations for Higher Mathematics
Math 331: Algebraic Systems
Math 371: Graph Theory
Math 4111: Introduction to Analysis
Math 416: Complex Variables
Math 4171: Topology I
Math 4181: Topology II
Math 429: Linear Algebra
Math 430: Modern Alegra

For St. Louis Community College students, I am prepared to tutor for MTH 160, MTH 165, MTH 170, MTH 177, MTH 185, MTH 186, MTH 210, MTH 212, MTH 215, MTH 220, and MTH 230.

For St. Louis University students, I am prepared to tutor for MATH 1200, MATH 1220, MATH 1250, MATH 1320, MATH 1400, MATH 1510, MATH 1520, MATH 1660, MATH 2530, MATH 2600, MATH 2660, MATH 2690, MATH 3120, MATH 3600, MATH 4110, MATH 4210, and MATH 4310.

Please note that I do not offer tutoring in statistics or differential equations. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

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