Do you feel inexperienced teaching subjects like math, computer science, and chemistry? Has the curriculum you've been using explained concepts in a less-than-transparent manner, or has it failed to nurture a love for the subject in your child?

Having been homeschooled myself, I very much appreciate the flexibility and the focus on learning how to learn that home education can so readily provide. However, in my experience, it was also important to find outside instructors who were passionate and knowledgeable about subjects in which I was especially advanced or in which my parents were less experienced. A piece of curriculum--or even the tireless efforts of a parent--can only go so far if the student can't find anyone with a deep understanding of the material who can answer his or her questions and impart an understanding of how the subject fits together. I would love to be that kind of resource for your family.

For regular tutoring rates and policies, please see the tutoring page. If you can find multiple students who are working at a similar level, I would be happy to offer classes for a discounted rate. If your student is advanced or gifted in mathematics, be sure to check out the resources under advanced students. For any questions--whether about my services or just about mathematics or science in general!--please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd be honored to be of help in whatever way I can.