I live on the east side of Clayton and am available to tutor within a three mile radius (such as at a local library or the Washington University campus); as of August 2018 I will be living in Ithaca, NY. My focus is on high-school-level mathematics and above, though I also am able to tutor in computer science as well as in basic physics and chemistry. I have a great deal of experience working with students (please see the about page), and I was an accomplished student myself in high school and college.

My fee schedule is $55 per hour when working with a single student, $70 per hour when working with two students simultaneously. (Please note that these rates apply only for those obtaining tutoring directly from me. If you received my name from a tutoring company, I am obligated to arrange sessions under the umbrella of that company, so the pricing may be different.)

I am available as a tutor for virtually any mathematics course at the level of Algebra II or above, as well as Java programming, any algorithms course, AP Chemistry, and any standard high-school-level course in physics or chemistry, per the chart below. I may also be able to provide tutoring for other courses, on a case-by-case basis. Detailed information about the coursework I have myself completed, which includes my math major and six computer science courses at Washington University, as well as physics and chemistry at the introductory college level, is available upon request, and a list of awards I have received may be accessed here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

MathematicsComputer SciencePhysicsChemistry
Algebra IJava ProgrammingHigh School PhysicsHigh School Chemistry
Algebra IIAP Computer Science AAP Chemistry
PrecalculusIntro to Algorithms
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
Honors Calculus
Calculus III
Advanced Calc/Analysis
Finite/Discrete Math
Linear Algebra
Abstract Algebra

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